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William "Buckwheat" Thomas Jr. circa 1938. First short "For Pete's Sake" (1934). Last short "Tale of a Dog" - The last Our Gang short ever made. (1944). Appeared in 93 shorts in 10 years.



A young Tommy "Butch" Bond in a scene from "Mush and Milk" (1933). "Don't Drink The Milk...It's Spoiled"  - First short "Spanky" (1932). Last short "Bubbling Trouble" (1940). Appeared in 27 shorts over 8 years. (photo courtesy of Tommy Bond).

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Ah, "Woim" (Sid Kibrick) and "Butch" (Tommy Bond) after getting hit in the face with tomatoes in a scene from "Rushin' Ballet"(1937). Tommy and Sid are both alive and well and living in California.
(photo courtesy of Sid Kibrick)

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Mary Ann Jackson. Circa 1931. First short "Crazy House" (1928). Last short "Fly My Kite" (1931). Appeared in 32 shorts over 3 years. Mary Ann is alive and well. She resides in California.
(photo courtesy of Mary Ann Jackson)

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Darwood "Waldo" Kaye. First short, "Glove Taps" (1937). Last short, "Waldo's Last Stand" (1940). Appeared in 21 films over 4 years.
Shown here with Darla Hood and Alfalfa Switzer.
(Thanks to Ken Smith for this photo)

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A nice posed still of Dorothy. I believe this photo was shot during the filming of "Birthday Blues."
The inset is a photo of Dorothy in July, 1980 during a Little Rascals reunion staged by the Sons of the Desert. First short "Pups Is Pups" (1930). Last short "Mush and Milk" (1933).

Appeared in 24 shorts over 3 years.
(photo courtesy of Dorothy DeBorba )

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Dickie Moore. circa 1933. A studio photo (below), used as a reply to fan letters requesting an autograph. Today, Dick Moore has his own Public Relations firm.

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Allen "Farina" Hoskins holding a box of Kellogg's PEP Bran Flakes. First short "Fire Fighters" (1922). Last short "Fly My Kite" (1931). Appeared in 105 shorts over 9 years. Also a had cameo appearance in 1 later short.

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Butch, Stymie, Bubbles, Jackie Lynn, Pete the Pup, Wally, Jerry, and Spanky circa 1934.

(Photo courtesy of Jerry Tucker. First short, "Shiver My Timbers" - 1931 - Last short, "Three Men in a Tub"

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