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Some wonderful pictures of "Spanky." This is a typical photo that Spanky used at autograph shows and film conventions. First short "Free Eats" (1932). Last short "Unexpected Riches" (1942). Appeared in 95 shorts over 11 years.

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Spanky and Jiggs the Chimp in a scene from
"Divot Diggers" which was filmed in 1936.

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CK Rascals?

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Spanky and Pete learning their ABC's circa 1935.

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From the set of "Bored Of Education" filmed in 1936. The only Our Gang short to receive an Academy Award (Best Short Subject). Director Gordon Douglas is the gentleman in the middle.

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Alfalfa , Buckwheat, Spanky, Petie, and Porky.
Today, Gordon "Porky" Lee is an avid Jazz and Classical music fan.

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Welcome to Club Spanky, where you could be
rich and make "hundreds and thousands of dollars."

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